Parish Pastoral Council

What does the Parish Pastoral Council do?

The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of committed people who come together to help the Parish Priest discern to further develop our community of faith and the mission of our Church.

We come together in the eyes of God to build a church with a steadfast faith gained through celebration of the Eucharist, living the Gospel message through love, service and proclamation.

The Parish Pastoral Council works to enrich the lives and serve those around us and in the outlying communities, coordinating the initiatives and direction of the Holy Family Parish.

Parish Pastoral Council Members 

Fr Vincent Comple, OSJ, Parish Priest
Fr Joeffrey Arceta, OSJ, Assistant Priest
Fr Joel Villanueva, OSJ, Assistant Priest

Rev. Manuel Navalta, Deacon
Rev. Ron Webb, Deacon

Executive Body

Simone Muezelaar, Chairperson
Mark Browning, Assistant Chairperson
Anne Smith, Secretary


Fe Navalta
William Pauley
Colleen Donovan
Helen Anderson
Anne Letter
Sarah Sloan
Angela Gorman
Julian Letter
 (Rep. Finance Committee)
Yuliya Burns
(PPC Rep. in College Board)

Parish Finance Committee

Steve Amato, Chairperson
Dorothy Field, Secretary
Julian Letter
Yuliya Burns
Steve Gorman

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